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Raw Quatro Pro FP - 31/21

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Help your youth player tune up for their best baseball season yet. This 2021 Rawlings Quatro Pro -10 USA Baseball bat is loaded with some of the brand's highest-end technology and with a -10 drop weight, it's built for speed and control. Along with high-tech performance, this bat features a black, silver and red colorway. It's available in a versatile range of sizes, including 28" to 31" lengths, making this bat an ideal choice for developing hitters who need some room to grow. With a certification from USA Baseball, it's also approved for play in a wide range of competitive youth leagues.

Bat Benefits
For this bat, Rawlings designed a unique composite multi-disc barrel that's ultra-light and responsive. The internal barrel is crafted with multiple layers of carbon fiber that work in conjunction with a composite outer shell. This shell has been redesigned to maximize longitudinal flex and enhance trampoline effect. The result is a massive, forgiving sweet spot that delivers a satisfying, one-of-a-kind "crunch" that'll impress everyone at the ball yard. The advanced F2 Collar joint section and premium, multi-toned Lizard Skins grip also keep this bat comfortable by reducing hand shock on awkward, miss-hit balls.

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