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LS Omaha BBCOR 33

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The Louisville Slugger Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat drop 3 BBO520B3 uses a one-piece design. This is the model that replaces the popular Louisville Slugger 519 BBCOR bat. It is made out of alloy with a huge sweet spot and a stiffer feel on contact. This allows for hitters to have a swing that is under control. It also allows for a lot of pop off of the bat. With the huge sweet spot, you are able to hit balls further and harder than you ever have before. It lets power hitters hit more home runs and contact hitters are able to hit balls further than they have done before.  

Louisville Slugger Omaha

Something new in the Louisville Slugger Omaha series is the 6-star premium end cap design. This design allows for hitters to be able to have a wider sweet spot and creates more hits off the bat. Players will hit the ball further and harder, which is great for everybody except the pitcher. The cap also allows for the bat to be mostly balanced compared to the other bats in the 2020 series. This model has a more affordable price than the other high end Louisville SLugger BBCOR bats. So, if you like a balanced bat, the Omaha BBCOR may be a good option for you.

In addition to the other great new qualities in this bat, Louisville Slugger also built in a  vibration dampening handle that reduces negative vibrations on mis-hits. This is an important aspect to many players as most players hate the vibrations they get off the bat after they get jammed. Also, in the cold it is amplified and hurts a lot more. Lastly, the Louisville Slugger Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat drop 3 has an LS Pro Comfort bat grip. This grip is the best around as it meshes with batting gloves very well. Also, it is a lot easier to swing the bat effectively as the bat feels better in your hand. 

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