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The 898 is the newest edition to our game mounds. This is an 8” mound designed for the 12-14 age group but certainly is suitable for most ages under 14. With a longer landing area in front of the rubber, bigger kids will not reach the end of the mound with a long stride - about 76” from front of rubber to edge of mound. The mound support structure plays a key role in maintaining a solid surface where the pitcher can comfortably land. A superior mound for the transition to a full 10” mound.


  • 8’ wide X 10’4" long X 8” high*
  • Stride Length - 76"
  • Commonly used on fields where the mound is owned by the community (Rec Centers), league or group who mainly utilize a single complex
  • Great mound for ages 10-14
  • Launch Pad included on all game mounds / Replaceable Pitching Rubber
  • Weight: 275 lbs.
  • TEN YEAR (10) warranty on mound core!
  • Made in U.S.A