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The 796 is a fuller version of the 486. It’s longer and wider than the 486 with a wider slope on sides and back. Great for age’s 14y/o and down, this mound is very capable of holding the games’ bigger youth pitcher. Bigger kids, more pronounced pick-off moves, a real game mound feel are the main reason behind the 796. Our mound support structure proves to be essential when dealing with mounds of this size. Pitch Pro has made the mound(s) were these boys can concentrate on pitching and not worry about poor footing, landing area or feel. As the 465 and 486 are very popular with tournament directors, the 796 has become a popular choice for Rec Department and Complex Managers that provide mounds for games.


  • 7’ wide X 9’6" long X 6” high*
  • Stride Length - 66"
  • Commonly used on fields where the mound is owned by the community (Rec Centers), league or group who mainly utilize a single complex
  • Great mound for ages 10-14
  • Launch Pad included on all game mounds / Replaceable Pitching Rubber
  • Weight: 220 lbs.
  • TEN YEAR (10) warranty on mound core!
  • Made in U.S.A
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