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Colleges, minor leagues, high schools, even neighborhood ball parks can now afford the benefits of a good quality rain cover. The infield spot covers made of the same materials as those that we supply the major leagues with. The Covermaster Rain cover Kit will keep your bases dry and playable every time.

Super light, super strong

The Covermaster Rain Cover kit is made of material with a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it ideal for its use. It will last season after season. It is highly resistant to moisture and tearing. It is rot and mildew resistant and unaffected by most common chemicals.

Installed in Minutes

Because the Rain Cover kit is so light and easy to handle, it’s a cinch to install and remove. You can do it in minutes!

Easily securely anchored

Each base tarp is supplied with its own anchor pegs – 6 for each of the base and pitching mound covers, 9 for the home plate cover, and 2 spares – 35 pegs in all. The pegs are designed to exert downward tension on the cover when they are pushed into the ground. This will keep the cover secure and unaffected by even the heaviest gust of wind. 

Reflective side keeps grass cool

There’s less need to worry about grass burn, should the sun break through sooner that expected. The silver colored surface acts like a mirror and keeps the grass cool much longer than conventional covers. 

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