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The All-New Atec M2 Softball Pitching Machine is the next generation of the iconic Casey Pro 3G. The M2 is an offensive machine built to train collegiate level softball players.

When it comes to accuracy, power and portability, no other 2-wheel training machine is better equipped than the M2. With the ability to pitch 90 mph, the M2 can throw collegiate level fastballs, curveballs, and sliders to any spot in the strike zone. The All-New M2 is used and trusted by many nationally-ranked college softball programs to develop their elite players and take their hitting abilities to the next level.

Features and Specs:

  • Item: #WTATMM2SL
  • Speed Range: 30-90mph
  • Skill Level: Collegiate
  • Will throw Leather, Dimple, and Foam softballs
  • Pitches Thrown: Fastballs, Changeups, and Breaking Balls
  • Use it for Defensive Drills: Fly Balls & Pop Ups, Line Drives, Grounders & Catcher's Blocking
  • Concave aluminum hub wheels: Concave tread increases ball grip to maximize pitch accuracy of both fastballs and breaking balls
  • Quick Change Tilt System: Gives you the ability to throw both collegiate level fastballs and right and left handed breaking balls
  • Durable Steel Frame: Rugged frame and wide-base tripod absorb machine recoil ensuring maximum accuracy of every pitch
  • Built-in transport wheels assure mobility and ease of storage
  • Dimensions: 24x24x25, Weighs 85 pounds
  • Limited 5 year warranty
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