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Learn to pitch inside successfully! Learn how to handle hitters who crowd home plate and learn to throw to both sides of the plate.  Also great to practice your breaking ball as it is much easier to throw a breaking pitch when you have a "hitter" as a point of reference.  Safer smooth/rugged design-reduces pitch deflections so your catcher will be safe also.  ABCA Best in Show award winner in 2007.  Makes pitching practice and bullpen sessions more realistic. Helps pitchers build confidence facing different kinds of batters - LH, RH, tall or short - it can even "Crowd the Plate."  Virtually indestructible even your hardest pitches can't dent it or tip it over.  Will provide many years of use, indoors and out.  The Inside Pitch Target provides a simple device to practice inside, "jamming" pitches.  Easily transportable being lightweight.  Flat surface and beveled edges virtually eliminate pitch deflections.  This is a must for every high school and college baseball programs bullpen!

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