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  • 4 sizes to choose from!  The parachutes shown are the 8' Large. 
  • Increase your Speed, Strength and Agility
  • Fun and Effective
  • Used by the Pros
  • Best training Parachute on the market!
  • Stable and quick opening!
  • The ultimate multi-sport 8' parachute! Offering up to 50% more resistance than any other chute on the market. It has an innovative way of adjusting resistance by sliding the patented cord lock up the shroud lines, which changes the shape of the parachute, resulting in the desired amount of resistance. The Power Fitness Parachute uses only four lines, compared to other chutes on the market that use eight lines that can easily become tangled. Another innovative addition to the Power Fitness Parachute is it's "parabolic cup" designed canopy. The cup-shaped design is sewn into the chute giving it instant lift and stability. Because of it’s quick opening and stable characteristics, it is the ideal chute for sprinter’s speed development. Each Power Fitness Chute comes with a quick release belt and instructions. The color of this parachute varies.
  • One Parachute per orde
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